A tantalising array of colourful, carefully crafted crunchy and filling salads.  I have always loved how versatile salads are and how there really there is now end to creating new and fabulous flavours and dishes. It's very easy to get stuck into the lettuce, tomato and cucumber routine. Adding seeds or caramelised nuts can give great texture and depth of flavour and I try to balance the flavours of the ingredients just like I would a normal meal; I want the dish to be a whole not just a canvas that the dressing comes in and adds the paint. So think roasted peppers, caramelised nuts, cherry plum tomatoes, melon and sweetcorn for sweetness. Mango, strawberries, pickled beetroots or onions if you need an injection of tang and of course no salad is complete without a good handful or two of fresh soft herbs; fennel, coriander/cilantro, mint, rosemary and parsley seems to be my favourite combo at the moment. I hope you find some inspiration below to get you started on your own build a rainbow journey! 

salad 1.jpg

No stodgy potato salad here!

So like most good dishes this one got created completely by accident and with off cuts from lunch. I had made a lasagna that day, making butternut and zucchini “pasta” sheets. I knew I was heading over to my brother’s later for a BBQ in his beautiful garden and that I would need something substantial for “the boys.”  

salad 2.jpg

Mexican style said with a twist. 

Ever have a packed of tortillas that you want to use up? So here is a quick and easy way to make some tortillas for some extra crunch with that salad. With some mango and avocado guacamole on the side this salad is sure you awaken your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied and oh so healthy!

salad 3.jpg

Kiwayu prawn salad 

During some of my time in Kenya I was lucky enough to live on the magical and truly stunning Island of Lamu. An ancient Swahili settlement whose streets are only wide enough for donkeys and the car that exists belongs to the district commissioner and his 800m commute to work. It was here I was lucky enough to sail a traditional dhow north of the archipelago to an even more remote, wild and beautiful island called Kiwayu. It was on this trip we were barbequing prawns skewers with chilies and ate them with mango – the combination has always stayed with me and whenever I eat prawns in this way it makes me think back to that trip and smile!