Lunch & Dinner

So whether you are cooking for friends, trying to impress a loved one or simply looking for some inspiration to add some spark and colour to your Wednesday night hopefully you will find some helpful recipes in this section. I know it can be hard to find the time to provision for exciting meals and it can feel overwhelming to create such dishes after a gruelling day at the office or if you have just fallen through the door with your legs like jelly from a killer HIIT workout. However, make the time to nourish yourself completely; hit play on your favourite tunes and mark these 30 minutes some quality YOU time for the day and be happy in the knowledge that you are treating your body with a nutrient dense dish, free of any of those inflammatory, toxic ingredients. 

turkey burgers.jpg

Turkey Burgers with coconut yoghurt raita

This is a really wonderful alternative to obviously the traditional burger but even the now popular Portobello bap varieties. These are fabulous when you are wanting a juicy protein addition but just don’t want the weight or grease of red meat. Naturally lean, turkey mice makes a great substitute and when teamed with a touch of harissa, a zingy raita, tomatoes, creamy avocado and the cool crunch of some little gem you have a match made in heaven. 

prawn kebabs.jpg

Prawn skewers with coconut wild rice & mango salsa. 

I had guests over for dinner so accompanied these juicy skewers with some wild rice cooked in coconut milk to appease those manly appetites! Along with the tang and spice of the mango salsa and the cool crunch of the salad this is a truly satisfying, fresh and tasty meal. 

smoked salmon souffle.jpg

Smoked salmon souffle 

I have always loved a savoury soufflé and have often made a pea and mint version as a starter before serving lamb. However, this creamy decadent version with smoked salmon is just the perfect accompaniment to any summer evening and incredibly easy to cook! Soufflés I think have been tarred with the same brush as poaching eggs and its such a shame – this meal took me 20 minutes to cook and the great things about soufflés is that they are so versatile – once you have that base you really can fold most things through.