light snacks 

Whether this is to satisfy that inevitable three o'clock slump at your desk, need a bite for lunch or you are on the run, here are a few lighter options that hopefully won't spike those all important sugar levels. 


sushi in acado

If you’re anything like me and absolutely LOVE sushi but can’t always have the motivation to make it from scratch then this beauty might just hit all the spots. This was a true creation from me raiding the fridge knowing what flavours I wanted and as usual using an avocado as the vehicle! Wonderfully versatile you could really have some fun making your own interpretation of this. 

kale chips .jpg

kale chips 

This are quite literally the easiest thing to make – although I’m not sure I would make them so frequently if it wasn’t for the use of my parents Aga! In saying that I find the shop bought ones so utterly disgusting that it might just motivate me to use the extra electricity. There are many different variations to these but I personally like the more simple ones. I cook mine with a thin coating of coconut oil, the normal scented kind, organic garlic powder and some Himalayan pink salt for an added dose of trace minerals. 

halloumi .jpg

pea & smashed avocado pate 

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