So it's no secret that I don't have much of a sweet tooth; at a restaurant I would ALWAYS go for a starter rather than a dessert. However, I love baking, especially when it gives so much joy to those eating it. Growing up afternoon tea was a non-negotiable event, on a Saturday and Sunday and as my parents get older this tends to be a week day event too! So I am lucky to have a captive audience to try out my experiments and with any luck I am giving them slightly healthier options too!


Red-velvet cupcakes. 

 A few years back I was known for making a rather good red velvet cupcake so this is a healthier take on those – still moist, light delicious and full of antioxidants what’s not to love. 

bliss ball.jpg

Celia's Blissballs 

There are a huge number of recipes for these out there – all very much a variation of the same. They are not rocket science however, I always have a batch sitting in my fridge as a great alternative should I want something a little sweet with a cup of tea in the afternoon. These are also a life saver when you get to the 3pm slump at your desk!

clem cake.jpg

Clementine Cake 

I have to be honest – this is an adaptation of one of my favourite (as I have MANY!) Nigella recipes. It’s a cake I make often mainly because at home we tend to have some variation of Satsuma or Clementine sitting looking a little sorry for itself in the bottom of the fruit bowl. I made it once and the response from the cake connoisseur (and chief taster – my dad!) was so positive that it was added into the book of favourites alongside my sister’s Lemon Drizzle and my mum’s semolina shortbread.