When I think back to a few years ago I can't even believe what I used to have for Breakfast. Desperately trying to skimp on calories my day would start with a good old cup of Breakfast Tea and a cigarette! And because I was working in extreme heat (I was in Kenya at the time) I would get to Eleven O'clock feel completely wiped out and thirsty and grab a cold fizzy coke! How I didn't feel worse I have no idea. Luckily I kicked the cigarette habit and did start to eat breakfast - poached eggs have always been a huge favourite of mine so this bit was easy. However, living on a boat in the South Pacific meant (luckily for me) a lot of time in New Zealand and man have they got their breakfasts right! Think avocados in abundance, zucchini flowers, fresh seasonal vegetables, sprouted grains, matcha tea lattes everything oozing with colour, freshness and life! Very quickly breakfast became my favourite meal of the day and although Monday to Friday I will have a smoothie to kick off my day, as it really is the only thing that gets me through till lunch and beyond, a Saturday morning breakfast at home in front of the Aga after a wet and rainy run in the park is just pure heaven for me. One thing that this journey has taught me is to really break down the barriers! You will find I talk about this a lot and something it took me a while to get my head around but when you do you'll see how liberating it is not to be confined by boundaries set in our childhood and how it will inspire you to think outside the box and learn to really love food again. 


Breakfast Smoothie

Up until a few months a go you would never have seen me with a smoothie in my hand. I thoroughly disliked the texture of most and any shop bought ones that I had tried were sickenly sweet; and that’s is how I felt before I gave up sugar! Now, however having found a few recipes that I truly love and enjoy I find it hard to go with out them. I really like knowing how many amazing flavours, vitamins and minerals I can cram into one and if I don’t have one for breakfast I find I get a lot hungrier during the day. This however is my go to recipe, give it a try and hope you enjoy as much as I do!

pancakes .jpg


If any of you know me well you know I’m not really a pancake kind of lady, mainly because I like savoury things for breakfast. However, these are a great one to have in your repertoire for guests and little people alike! So padding around the kitchen one Sunday morning and I decided to rustle some of these up and I have to say I really enjoyed them. I served them with some organic blueberries, banana slices and a sprinkling of cacao nibs but of course you can add lib with all the berries, honey, bacon etc you chose! 

sweet potato toasts.jpg

Sweet Potato Toast

I had read about these a few months ago and had slightly dismissed them thinking they are a little gimmicky! However, if you want an egg for breakfast and want to pop something in the toaster to have underneath that isn’t a processed gluten free version then sweet potato is the answer! I suggest serving them with a nice portion of greens and they take the same amount of time to cook as the egg so time shouldn’t be a constraint on this element.